Rhinoplasty Cost

Rhinoplasty cost varies dramatically from case to case due to many factors. For example, if a rhinoplasty is performed for the purpose of correcting a deviated septum that compromises breathing, insurance often covers at least part of the expense. On the other hand, a cosmetic treatment will require paying entirely out of pocket. Meanwhile, surgeons' fees differ widely based on experience and skill. Dr. Oren Lerman can explain the finer points of rhinoplasty cost during a consultation at his Manhattan, New York, practice.

Surgeon's Fees

Rhinoplasty is highly complex. In order to achieve the best results, it is imperative to choose a surgeon who frequently performs rhinoplasty, and has established a reputation for providing excellent results, as evidenced in reviews and before-and-after photos. A surgeon meeting these criteria will likely charge a higher fee than a surgeon who offers rhinoplasty but does not perform the procedure frequently. However, the higher likelihood of success is well worth the investment, especially when you consider that revision rhinoplasty is much more complex - and expensive - than an initial procedure.

Complexity of Surgery 

The more complicated a patient’s case, the more time and skill will be required to perform the surgery. Rhinoplasty changes either the external or internal structure of the nose. While this is never a straightforward procedure, many factors can make it more complicated. For example, a patient who has suffered multiple nasal injuries may require cartilage grafts to reinforce weak areas during surgery. Other potential complications include unusually thick or thin skin, nasal obstructions, and severe nasal deviations. A surgeon may quote a higher price based on these factors.

A higher likelihood of success is worth the investment, especially when you consider that revision rhinoplasty is more expensive than an initial procedure.

Functional versus Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

In many cases, insurance will contribute to the cost of rhinoplasty performed to improve function or correct the effects of trauma. The septum is the vertical piece of cartilage that separates the right and left nostrils. A deviated septum can compromise your ability to breathe. In this case, rhinoplasty may be recommended to straighten the septum, and an insured patient can expect at least some coverage. In some cases, a patient may wish to undergo some cosmetic refinements in addition to the extent of treatment needed to correct a deviated septum or another issue. Your surgeon can work with your insurance company to present a treatment plan, determine the amount of coverage for which you are eligible, and then provide an estimated cost of performing the cosmetic enhancements you desire.

Other Considerations

As with any plastic surgery, you can expect to pay fees for anesthesia and the surgical venue itself. While having an anesthesiologist rather than a nurse administer anesthesia is more expensive, it is the safest option. Meanwhile, a hospital is more expensive than undergoing surgery in a private surgical suite, but it is equipped to address virtually any complication that might occur during surgery. Patients should also budget for time off work and the cost of any medication needed during recovery.

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If you are considering rhinoplasty, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Lerman will take note of your goals and needs, and explain what you can expect to pay for the results you want.

Dr. Oren Lerman

Oren Z. Lerman, MD

Dr. Oren Lerman performs a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures with a specialty in reconstructive breast surgery. In fact, he is the director of breast reconstruction at Lenox Hill Hospital's Institute for Comprehensive Breast Care as well as the Microvascular and Cosmetic Breast Fellowship. In addition to the hospital, Dr. Lerman is affiliated with:

  • The New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons (Past President)
  • The American Board of Plastic Surgery (Diplomate)
  • The American College of Surgeons (Fellow)
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery

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