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Advanced Breast Reconstruction Techniques

Breast Reconstruction Surgery Overview

Today there are a number of safe and effective breast reconstruction options designed to deliver results that look and feel incredibly natural. Working closely with Dr. Lerman, you can decide upon the procedure that best meets your health, aesthetic, and lifestyle goals.

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Natural Tissue Flap Reconstruction

Reconstructing the breasts with the patient's own tissue delivers results that look incredibly natural. Tissue transfer involves the removal of a flap from a donor site using microsurgical techniques. Only microvascular surgery specialists like Dr. Lerman can perform this state-of-the-art procedure.

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Implant Breast Reconstruction

Most breast reconstruction surgeries involve the placement of implants. First, a tissue expander gradually stretches the skin over time to accommodate an implant. Implants are then placed to achieve a natural look and feel. Some patients may be eligible for a single-stage implant reconstruction. 

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Corrective Breast Reconstruction

Breast implants are manufactured to the highest standards, but women should expect to replace them at some point. A woman may also be dissatisfied with her results and wish to undergo revision surgery. Dr. Lerman can perform corrective surgery to restore your body image and peace of mind.

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