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No two facelift procedures cost the same. This is largely due to the fact that "facelift" refers to many different kinds of procedures addressing different areas of the face and incorporating different techniques. The cost of surgical facial rejuvenation is primarily influenced by the type of facelift performed and the surgeon's experience and reputation. Based on your needs and goals, board certified plastic surgeon Oren Lerman can help you understand facelift cost during a consultation at his Manhattan, New York, practice.

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Type of Facelift

There are several types of facelifts, each addressing a different area of the face. A mini facelift addresses the jowls and jawline, while a mid facelift focuses on areas around the corners of the mouth, nose, and eyes. A brow lift targets creases and sagging in the brow. A full facelift combines all three. Any of these procedures can incorporate a neck lift, which addresses the area between the neckline and the jaw. A full facelift will cost more than a lower or mid facelift, while a lower facelift with a necklift will cost more than a lower facelift alone.

Anesthesia and Facility Fees

Your surgeon will work with either an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist to help you become sedated and comfortable during surgery. An anesthesiologist will cost more, but their advanced training makes them better equipped to handle any complications that could occur during surgery. In the same away, hospitals cost more than ambulatory surgical centers or private surgical suites, but have more resources at their disposal to address any complications.

The Surgeon's Experience, Credentials, and Reputation

Like any other in-demand service, plastic surgery prices can be competitive. However, it is crucial to understand that by choosing a surgeon based on his credentials, experience, and reputation rather than an attractively low price, you stand to actually save money and experience greater satisfaction from your investment. A less experienced surgeon lacking credibility or the tutelage of a reputable surgeon is less likely to deliver the results you want. You may find yourself wishing to undergo a revision surgery, which is actually much more difficult to perform than an initial procedure, and therefore carries a higher price tag. On the other hand, choosing a board-certified surgeon who provides natural-looking results and mentors colleagues could cost more upfront, but is far more likely to result in long-term satisfaction.

Combining procedures will increase overall cost, but if they are necessary in order to achieve your true goals, it is better to budget for the full scope of treatment than to compromise.

Combination with Other Treatments 

Like most cosmetic procedures, a facelift can be combined with a number of other treatments, both surgical and noninvasive, to achieve your aesthetic goals. While a lift can tighten and reposition tissue, liposuction can remove unwanted fat tissue, chemical peels can reduce roughness or discoloration, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) can rejuvenate the skin around the eyes, and injectables can soften fine lines and wrinkles. Combining procedures will increase overall cost, but if they are necessary in order to achieve your true goals, it is better to budget for the full scope of treatment than to compromise.

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Cost is an important consideration for anyone interested in undergoing a facelift, but it should be only one of many factors that steer your decision. To learn more about what you can expect to pay in order to achieve the facelift results you desire. please contact our office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Lerman.

Dr. Oren Lerman

Oren Z. Lerman, MD

Dr. Oren Lerman performs a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures with a specialty in reconstructive breast surgery. In fact, he is the director of breast reconstruction at Lenox Hill Hospital's Institute for Comprehensive Breast Care as well as the Microvascular and Cosmetic Breast Fellowship. In addition to the hospital, Dr. Lerman is affiliated with:

  • The New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons (Past President)
  • The American Board of Plastic Surgery (Diplomate)
  • The American College of Surgeons (Fellow)
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Lerman by filling out our online form or calling (212) 434-6980.

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"The one thing that is most important when we're doing cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery of the face or the body is to make sure that the patient is happy afterwards..." Dr. Oren Lerman

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