You Have Options: Surgical Techniques for Breast Lift Surgery By Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. on May 06, 2016

Breast lift surgery: before and after imageDr. Oren Z. Lerman has helped countless patients in Manhattan and throughout New York City look their very best. He offers a comprehensive array of cosmetic skin care and plastic surgery treatments, each designed to fight signs of aging and improve overall body contour and figure.

While many patients are familiar with breast augmentation surgery, not as many are familiar with breast lift surgery (mastopexy). Let's consider this breast enhancement procedure and the various ways that it can be performed.

About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is performed in order to improve the perkiness and pertness of the breasts. Many women will notice sagging of their breasts related to advanced age, weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth, or the gradual effects of gravity. This breast enhancement procedures removes loose skin and adjusts the overall shape of the breasts in order to make a woman's bustline more youthful and firm.

There are many different ways to perform the surgery depending on the nature of the sagging and drooping a woman experiences.

Traditional Breast Lift Incisions

A traditional breast lift consists of three incisions, which are often considered anchor-shaped:

  • A circular incision around the areola
  • A lateral incision along the crease where the bottom of the breast meets the chest
  • A vertical incision along the lower curve of the breast connecting the previous incisions

Lollipop Breast Lift Incisions

A lollipop breast lift consists of just two incisions rather than three:

  • A circular incision around the areola
  • A vertical incision from the bottom of the areola down the lower curve of the breast

The lollipop method is ideal for women who experience a little bit of drooping or sagging, but not enough to necessitate a full breast lift.

Areolar Breast Lift Incisions

Areola breast lift incisions involve incisions just around the areola and nowhere else. Sometimes this means an incision surrounding the whole areola, while other times the incision is just around part of the areola. Minor sagging is best addressed with this version of the procedure.

Combined Breast Lift and Reduction Surgery

When a woman has very large breasts that droop or sag, the breast lift is combined with a breast reduction surgery. In essence, the incisions resemble the traditional breast lift method, though additional skin and tissue may be removed to help reduce breast size in addition to improving overall firmness and pertness of the bustline.

Combined Breast Lift and Enlargement Surgery

In some cases, a woman may undergo a breast lift and have implants placed as part of the procedure. This ensures a two-fold solution to a woman's aesthetic needs: a breast is lifted to address sagging, and the implant can also help increase size or improve shape and symmetry.

Tailoring Breast Enhancement to Meet Your Needs

All of these methods of performing a breast lift simply mean that patients always have their needs considered, and that each surgery is customized to take these matters into account. During a consultation, you can learn which surgical method would be most ideal for you and your needs.

Learn More About Breast Lift Surgery

To learn more about breast lift surgery and how it can help you achieve the shape and curves that you've always wanted, be sure to contact our cosmetic plastic surgery center. Dr. Oren Z. Lerman and his entire team look forward to your visit and helping you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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