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Dr. Oren Z. Lerman discusses eyelid surgery side effects so patients know what to expect.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Oct 09, 2017

Find out what you can expect after your face lift surgery in terms of your recovery and the general timeline for healing.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Sep 09, 2017

Dr. Lerman is honored to be chosen by his pears as a Top Plastic Surgeon in New York Magazine's Best Doctors list for 2017. The…

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Aug 13, 2017

Dr. Oren Z. Lerman can perform upper eyelid surgery for hooded eyes to improve your overall appearance.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Aug 10, 2017

Small breast implants have numerous pros and cons. Breast augmentation surgery patients need to consider this before the procedure is performed.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Jul 09, 2017

Are you considering breast augmentation? Learn about the pros and cons of large breast implants so you can decide on implant size.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Jun 09, 2017

Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) and liposuction can improve the appearance of the stomach. Let's compare body contouring options.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Jun 05, 2017

After plastic surgery, patients need to take time off from work for recovery. Let's consider some timelines and guidelines for proper healing.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. May 09, 2017

Plastic surgeon Oren Z. Lerman outlines the typical exercise timeline after plastic surgery. Learn when you can resume your normal exercise routine.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Apr 10, 2017

Breast reduction surgery carries some possible side effects. Learn more about breast reduction side effects in this blog post.

Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. Mar 17, 2017

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The one thing that is most important when we're doing cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery of the face or the body is to make sure that the patient is happy afterwards... Dr. Oren Lerman

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