Breast Augmentation Using the Areolar Incision Technique

By Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. on December 17, 2015

Woman lying in lingerie, her breasts ideally shaped after breast augmentation using the areolar incision techniqueWomen undergo breast augmentation for any number of reasons, some of which are universal, most of which are highly personal. One of the universal reasons that breast augmentation is such a popular procedure, however, is that it is one of the most customizable procedures in plastic surgery. Patients have an extraordinary amount of control over the final result, down to the smallest detail. They can select not only the size, shape, and texture of the breast implants, but also where the implants are placed within the chest and even the location of the incisions through which they’re placed. Few other procedures allow that degree of customization.

One of the most popular incision placement techniques is the areolar incision. As a master of the full range of breast augmentation techniques, Dr. Oren Z. Lerman frequently uses the areolar breast augmentation incision at his Manhattan, NY plastic surgery practice. During consultations with his breast augmentation patients, he advises them of their options, including various incision techniques, and advises them openly and honestly of which alternatives are best suited to their particular cases.

Is the areolar breast augmentation incision right for you? To find out, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Lerman today.

About the Areolar Incision Technique

The areolar breast augmentation incision technique entails making an incision along the lower edge of the areola, or the dark circle of skin that surrounds the nipple. One of the advantages of placing the incision here is that the scar left behind from the surgery generally blends in well with the edge of the areola. Except on close inspection, the scar is barely noticeable.

Nevertheless, some patients opt for the transaxillary, or underarm, incision technique because it produces no visible scarring on the breast whatsoever. However, the areolar incision does allow greater control over the placement of the breast implant due to its proximity to the breast, itself. While Dr. Lerman has the skill and experience to place implants using any incision technique, the ease of access associated with the areolar technique is a definite benefit.

The areolar incision technique is ideal for patients who want to combine breast augmentation with breast lift surgery. This is because it allows Dr. Lerman to perform both procedures through a single incision.

Not all patients, however, will be suitable candidates for breast augmentation using the areolar incision. For example, patients who want to have larger silicone-gel-filled breast implants placed may not be good candidates for this incision technique. Patients should also be fully aware of the risks associated with the technique, including the possibility of scar thickening, which could cause visible puffiness at the lower borders of the areolae. Dr. Lerman discusses these risks during the initial pre-surgical consultation so that patients can make confident, educated choices regarding their care.

Learn More about the Areolar Breast Augmentation Incision

If you would like to learn more about the areolar breast augmentation incision technique and whether it is right for you, please contact cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon Oren Z. Lerman today.

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