Breast Augmentation Revision: Getting Bigger Implants By Oren Zvi Lerman, M.D. on January 09, 2018

Bigger Breast ImplantsWhen it comes to enhancing a woman's overall contours and curves, few surgeries can match breast augmentation. Using implants, a woman's bustline can be enhanced, resulting in a shapelier figure. Of course, there are times when the initial surgery doesn't quite meet the patient's goals. If this should occur, thankfully there are revision surgeries that can address these issues.

The team at our Manhattan, NY plastic surgery center would like to consider breast augmentation revision. In particular, we want to focus on how the surgery can help women who would like to get bigger implants than the ones used in the initial procedure.

The Problem with Implants That Are Too Small

While being conservative with breast implant size can have its advantages, picking implants that are too small can lead to a number of regrets. The primary regret is that patients are displeased with the results of their breast augmentation surgery. They might have wanted their breasts to be larger, even just by a little bit.

These issues with breast implant size can also lead to issues with overall body contour. When breast implants are too small, a patient's figure may not look quite as balanced. In fact, the ratio of breasts to hips may be slightly off simply because the breast implants that were placed were not quite the right size.

How Breast Augmentation Revision Works

Breast augmentation revision is a corrective surgery that involves the replacement of old breast implants with new ones that are a better size and shape. When replacing small implants with bigger ones, surgeons will be able to enhance the patient's breast size in the hopes of improving the overall quality of the aesthetic results.

Determining the New Implant Size

When figuring out the size of the new breast implants, cosmetic surgeons need to be careful and discerning. Bigger implants doesn't mean going too big. As paradoxical as it may sound, it's also possible to be too conservative with a larger implant size. Discussing a patient's goals in greater detail using imaging software can help determine a better size for the needs of the patient.

In addition to implant size, plastic surgeons must also keep the following factors in mind:

  • Implant shape
  • Implant projection
  • Implant composition
  • Placement of the implant relative to the pectoral muscle

These can all be discussed during the consultation process.

How The Revision Surgery Is Performed

Breast augmentation revision is performed much like the initial breast augmentation surgery. Patients are placed under general anesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort. The old implants are carefully removed and the new implants are situated in existing or revised breast pockets.

Whenever possible, the incision sites used for the initial breast augmentation will be used for the revision procedure. This helps limit the need for additional incisions to be made, which results in new scars.

The Results of Breast Augmentation Revision

Many patients who undergo breast augmentation revision finally achieve the aesthetic goals that they had always wanted for themselves. Their breasts are larger and fuller, and the new implants complement their curves in a better way.

Scarring from surgery is minimal and well hidden. Any scars can be concealed by most undergarments, tops, and bathing suits.

Learn More About Breast Augmentation Revision

For more information about breast augmentation revision surgery and how it can benefit you, be sure to contact an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon today. Dr. Oren Lerman and his team will help you make the right decision given your aesthetic goals.

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