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Understanding Pre-pectoral Implant Reconstruction

Pre-pectoral breast reconstruction is a type of implant-based breast reconstruction that involves placing the implant directly under the skin and over the chest muscle, without the need to cut or lift the muscles. This type of reconstruction offers a number of advantages over traditional implant reconstruction, for the right patients. Dr. Oren Lerman, a renowned reconstruction surgeon in Manhattan, NY, can determine if you are eligible for pre-pectoral implant reconstruction. At the forefront of effective reconstructive approaches, Dr. Lerman can perform a reconstruction procedure that helps improve your body image and enhance your silhouette.

Traditional vs. Pre-pectoral Implant Reconstruction

In traditional implant reconstruction, the cosmetic surgeon inserts a tissue expander or breast implant partially or entirely beneath the chest muscle. Tissue expanders gradually stretch the skin and chest muscle to the desired proportions. A major drawback to this approach is that it can produce short- and long-term discomfort due to incisions in the muscle. In addition to potentially inducing pain, traditional implant reconstruction can possibly create a flat, unnatural appearance as a result of the implant location.

Illustration of pre-pectoral breast reconstruction; over vs. under the muscle.

Pre-pectoral breast reconstruction involves placing the implant over the chest muscle vs. under the chest muscle

This alternative, over-the-muscle method can help alleviate the pain associated with muscle stretching. Pre-pectoral implant reconstruction has emerged in recent years as an approach that can sidestep the problems particular to sub-muscular implants.

Placing the implant over the muscle avoids the pain caused by cutting and stretching the muscles, and reduces the chance of cosmetic deformities.

Candidacy for Pre-pectoral Implants

Pre-pectoral breast reconstruction is an option for most women who are preparing to undergo breast reconstruction, or who have previously had the procedure. The nipple should be intact for an over-the-muscle approach. Therefore, cancer should not have affected the nipple area. Additionally, this procedure generally works best on women with smaller- to medium-sized breasts with sufficient tissue elasticity such that their breasts do not sag.

The over-the-muscle breast implant method can serve as an effective choice for women who have undergone traditional, sub-pectoral breast reconstruction and are experiencing problems with their implants. A common problem is capsular contracture, when the body has formed a hardened mound of tissue around the implant. Other problems with sub-muscular implants include a feeling of tightness in the chest or instances of the implant not moving in a natural manner.

Benefits of Pre-pectoral Implant Reconstruction

Patients receiving over-the-muscle implants can experience a multitude of benefits when compared to traditional implant reconstruction, such as:

  • No muscle fatigue
  • No chronic pain
  • No muscle animation or visible implant distortion
  • Reduced postoperative pain and soreness
  • Improved implant movement
  • A quicker recovery

Learn More about Pre-pectoral Implant Reconstruction

If you are preparing for breast reconstruction surgery, or have undergone reconstruction and are unhappy with your sub-pectoral implants, learn more about a pre-pectoral implant reconstruction by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Oren Lerman today. You can also contact us by phone at (212) 434-6980.

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