DIEP Flap Surgery


Dr. Oren Z. Lerman is a board-certified plastic surgeon offering DIEP flap surgery. This reconstructive breast technique makes use of the patient's natural tissue to restore size and volume. The results are breasts that look, feel, and move naturally, as well as a flatter midsection.

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00:00:05.120 --> 00:00:08.280 The deep flap surgery or the EP flap 00:00:08.310 --> 00:00:13.220 surgery is 1 of the most advanced types of natural tissue breast reconstruction 00:00:13.250 --> 00:00:17.920 that we do for women at the time of mastectomy or for women who've had 00:00:17.950 --> 00:00:23.740 mastectomy in the past and reconstruction with implants or no reconstruction and now 00:00:23.760 --> 00:00:27.500 want to change their reconstruction for natural tissue. 00:00:27.530 --> 00:00:29.500 The deep flap surgery 00:00:29.530 --> 00:00:34.000 involves transplanting your own tissue, your own skin and fat 00:00:34.030 --> 00:00:39.040 from your belly to reconstruct the breasts, and you end up with a natural 00:00:39.070 --> 00:00:43.080 looking breast that feels like a natural breast It looks like a natural breast. 00:00:43.080 --> 00:00:44.760 It moves like a natural breast, and most 00:00:44.790 --> 00:00:47.700 importantly, it lasts for the rest of your life. 00:00:47.730 --> 00:00:50.360 And on top of that, you get a nice flat 00:00:50.390 --> 00:00:53.700 belly, kind of like a tummy tuck at the same time. 00:00:53.730 --> 00:00:57.140 Many women are good candidates for deep lapse surgery. 00:00:57.170 --> 00:01:01.960 If they're undergoing mastectomy, removal of the breasts, or if they've had 00:01:01.990 --> 00:01:06.440 mastectomy in the past, with a breast implant reconstruction and now want to 00:01:06.470 --> 00:01:10.460 remove the breast implants and replace it with their own natural tissue. 00:01:10.480 --> 00:01:12.240 The benefit of the deep flap surgery is 00:01:12.240 --> 00:01:16.380 that not only do you get a natural looking breast reconstruction that lasts forever, 00:01:16.410 --> 00:01:19.180 but you also get a flat belly at the same time. 00:01:19.210 --> 00:01:23.020 Some patients are too thin to transplant tissue from their lower belly. 00:01:23.050 --> 00:01:28.060 And if those patients want to have natural tissue reconstruction, we can offer them 00:01:28.080 --> 00:01:31.680 Other surgeries where we can transplant tissue from another part of their body, 00:01:31.710 --> 00:01:35.820 like their buttocks or their thigh, and those operations are called the pap flap, 00:01:35.850 --> 00:01:40.290 or the gap flap, the tug flap, all of those surgeries involve transplanting 00:01:40.320 --> 00:01:44.930 natural tissue and reconstructing a breast your body's own tissue. 00:01:44.960 --> 00:01:48.400 The alternative to using your own tissue is to use a breast implant. 00:01:48.430 --> 00:01:50.320 And we offer all of those surgeries 00:01:50.350 --> 00:01:52.900 because we specialize in breast reconstruction. 00:01:52.930 --> 00:01:54.360 Not very invasive surgery. 00:01:54.390 --> 00:01:57.290 We're not operating on your heart, your lungs, your organs. 00:01:57.320 --> 00:01:59.780 It's just the skin from your belly and your breasts. 00:01:59.810 --> 00:02:03.920 You'll be up and walking on the very first day after surgery, We'd like to keep you 00:02:03.950 --> 00:02:07.760 in the hospital for 1 or 2 or 3 nights and then send you home. 00:02:07.790 --> 00:02:11.880 The recovery is about 3 to 5 weeks after surgery. 00:02:11.880 --> 00:02:13.960 It doesn't mean that you're in bed for 3 weeks. 00:02:13.960 --> 00:02:15.400 You're gonna be up and walking. 00:02:15.400 --> 00:02:19.000 And by the time you come back to our office, 2 weeks later, we take out the 00:02:19.030 --> 00:02:23.360 surgical drains You're back to your normal routine after about 3 or 4 weeks.

Dr. Oren Lerman

Oren Z. Lerman, MD

Dr. Oren Lerman performs a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures with a specialty in reconstructive breast surgery. In fact, he is the director of breast reconstruction at Lenox Hill Hospital's Institute for Comprehensive Breast Care as well as the Microvascular and Cosmetic Breast Fellowship. In addition to the hospital, Dr. Lerman is affiliated with:

  • The New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons (Past President)
  • The American Board of Plastic Surgery (Diplomate)
  • The American College of Surgeons (Fellow)
  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The American Society of Reconstructive Microsurgery

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Lerman by filling out our online form or calling (212) 434-6980.

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"The one thing that is most important when we're doing cosmetic surgery and aesthetic surgery of the face or the body is to make sure that the patient is happy afterwards..." Dr. Oren Lerman

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